Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This picture I took of my cat Ace yesterday really got me to thinking that I really don't get out much. Since moving back to our small town, I rarely ever leave the island which is accessible by a large bridge to the mainland. The closest shopping is about 25 minutes away and sometimes it just seems so far!

I get pretty engrossed in my everyday activities, making jewelry, promoting my shop, blogging, and all the usual household tasks, and there are days that the only time I go outside is to check the mailbox. To remind myself that there really are some cool places to go and see in this world, I thought I would take every Wednesday to post a picture of some of the places I've been. I'll tell you the following Wednesday where it was taken.

I also think it's time for my first GIVE AWAY CONTEST!

Here are the instructions to enter to win my Argentium Sterling silver "Modern Simplicity" earrings on the left:

1. Leave your name or a link to your blog along with a wild guess of where the "Where in the world" photo was taken. You don't have to be correct to win! Click on "comments" at the bottom of this post to see the comment box.

2. Come back on Valentine's Day, February 14th to see if you've won. You will have 3 days to claim your prize.

Where in the World Wednesday Photo 1:


  1. Cute picture of Ace looking out the window! As for that other picture, I'm not sure where it's at. I'm pretty sure it's not in Kansas so I'm going to guess it's somewhere in Canada.

  2. Thanks for following my blog. Your jewelry is beautiful! I'm a beginning artisan, so I'm so I'm always interested in learning more about the craft. =)

  3. With some help from my fiance, I am going to guess Liberty Memorial, Kansas City. He's good at this sort of thing...I just found your blog, and it's great! Thanks for the giveaway!!


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