Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I must not be very motivated today, as it's already 3pm and I still haven't written my post. I thought I'd better write about motivation to get myself inspired!

I love this photo I took many years ago when my sister and I took a cruise around the Greek Islands. Taken while still on the cruise ship, this is the island of Santorini and the mulititude of steps that lead up to the top. I don't remember the number of steps but it was alot! After all of the rich food we ate on the cruise ship, we decided to forgo the donkey ride and walk it ourselves. I was much younger then, but I remember with the hot sun it was quite the effort. Oh, but what a view from the top and the feeling of accomplishment we had that we would not have experienced if we had opted to take the ride!

Why am I writing about this today? Well, I just had my 75th sale in my Etsy shop on Saturday and I'm thinking about milestones . Sure, I've had more sales than that when I count RL sales (that stand for real life) but there is something about seeing that number there that kinda spurs you on! There is so much talk about this many and that many sales in such and such time. It's really not good to compare yourselves to others, but we all do it and it can be very discouraging. We must keep in mind that we all have different goals for ourselves, and let's face it, someone who sells lower priced items like soaps or cards is going to have a higher number faster than someone who makes jewelry or higher priced items. It took me almost 9 months to reach 50 sales, and and additional 2 months to reach 75 so I hope I'm on the right track!

I have a separate goal for this entire year, but now that I'm so close to my First Etsyversary (March 28th) I have a mini goal to reach 100 sales. Think I can do it? I guess I'll take it one sale at a time, just like we take one small step at a time to reach our goals. And if I don't reach it, I'll try for April 5th because that's when I listed my first item, Ha!

Here are some Monday quotes for you:

"Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps."
Saul Bellows

"Four steps to achievement:
Plan purposefully
Prepare prayerfully
Proceed positively
Pursue persistently"
William Arthur Ward

How are you doing on your goals?

Oh, and if you'd like to help me reach my goal, click here to go to my shop Beadin' By The Sea!


  1. What a beautiful shot. Santorini is a magical place, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful photos! And much congratulations on reaching 75 sales! Your jewelry is gorgeous so I'm sure your 100th sale will come very soon!


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