Friday, February 13, 2009

The Beauty in SIMPLE

A couple of weeks back I shared about my venture into fusing fine silver wire. I'm happy to say that I'm continuing to have loads of fun with it.

I'm also learning that there is a lot of beauty in keeping things simple. With this economy, I am noticing that a lot of my sales lately have been simple, classic pieces with clean lines, something that can be worn for so many occasions.

I love the look of shiny silver simply on its own and how hammering the metal gives it hundreds of tiny facets that reflect the light. Here's my latest, I've sold 2 of these to friends this week and added one to my shop today. The rings remind of ripples of water that emanate from a pebble tossed in a lake so I called it "Ripples".

I'm also finding as I work with the these thicker gauges of wire that my flush cutters are just not "cutting" it, sorry for the pun! There are a pair of Tronex cutters that Liz Jones, the author of "Fine Silver Fusing" recommends. Unfortunately, they are about $60, but I'm getting to the point where I think they will make my life a lot easier and cause me to waste less wire. Getting a really clean flush cut is so critical to getting the fine silver to "fuse" or flow together at the join. This necklace has 4 rings that are fused, including the smallest one; you work your way from the smallest to the largest.

Well, now, I'm getting too technical! I simply wanted to share my latest creation.

Oh, and I also wanted to remind you that I'm drawing a name tomorrow for my "Where in the World Giveaway contest". To enter click here.

Have a great day, and may you find beauty and peace in the simple things!


  1. I have always been about simplistic design. I believe it enhances the beauty that is already there without overshadowing it. The fact that it is economical as well is a great plus.

    This necklace is pretty and organic.

  2. I want to own every single piece of your jewelry, okay?


  3. Just found your blog, your work is gorgeous!


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