Saturday, May 24, 2008


I don't know if I'll ever get used to these thunderstorms we experience in the Midwest! Around 4:00 this morning I awoke to constant flashes of light streaming through my windows and what sounded like bowling balls being thrown on the roof. As I tossed and turned and jumped (if that's possible while lying in bed!) I couldn't help thinking that it would never stop!

What this storm did bring (other than lack of sleep) was a feeling of fresh clean air this morning. Rain just seems to saturate the color of everything growing doesn't it? As I walked to the mailbox to mail a package (jewelry I just sold on my Etsy shop!) I noticed how rich the colors were all around me! And then I saw a bunny rabbit in the neighbor's yard just sitting there like a statue! A grey squirrel quickly darted behind the mailboxes. I went back to the house to grab my camera, surprised and delighted to see the rabbit still there but of course the squirrel was long gone! See his picture above. On my way back I snapped pictures of some of the gorgeous flowers growing in our garden.
Oh, I guess I don't mind the storms too much! Not when I see how the rain makes all these beautiful flowers grow for us to enjoy!


  1. What a cute little rabbit! All I ever see here are lizards and frogs. I am jealous!

  2. Love the bunny rabbit. I don't see many of those in Boston...


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