Saturday, May 17, 2008


When you just want to bury yourself and hide? A toad that visited our house yesterday certainly did. I was alerted to his presence outside our basement window by our cat Ace who was carrying on about something. I looked outside and there was a big toad crawling around, apparently stuck in the 5 foot drop below ground on some rocks. The toad must have been happily leaping along (or whatever toads do) and gone for a very steep dive down into this window well. Being such a "girly girl" that I am I wasn't about to mess with a toad! And anyway I was rushing around trying to get my house ready for a showing as we are in the middle of selling it. So when I got back from my errands, there was the toad, hunkered down in the rocks, probably waiting patiently to die.

I couldn't believe how easily he gave up. Was it just lack of determination on his part or was it actual intelligence knowing that he did not have the power to leap over 5 feet to freedom? Was he conserving his energy in the shade to try again later? Since my husband was coming home soon, I thought that a "Toad Rescue" would be the perfect job for him once he arrived! My toad rescuer climbed down the wooden ladder bucket in hand and coaxed our new four legged friend into it. He gently set him down on the grass. Oh my, what a beautiful toad he was! He did look a little grumpy and seemed to be saying "What took you so long!" I must say I've never had the privilege of a visiting toad in my yard. Of course, in my year in Kansas, we have had seen some very interesting critters and some who look like they're on steroids. But I digress, that could be used for another post!

So back to my original question. Have you ever had one of those days? Do you easily give up like our friend, Mr. Toad? I know sometimes I feel like I want to. Perhaps you may just want to conserve your energy and wait it out? Is that so bad? And then other times you just need a helping hand or a little nudge to get you started merrily on your way.

This little amphibian made me think about a lot of things. Funny how a silly toad can make you sit up and take stock and really wonder how much fight there is in you? Many of us have someone in our lives that is willing to help us out if we get up the nerve to ask! Thankfully we have the ability to do that, not just sit there like a toad to wait it out and possibly succumb to our circumstances!


  1. Debora,
    Cool toad. We saw lots of those in Florida (squished on the road a lot of times)!

    I keep trying to email you and it bounces back, even after you sent an email to me. Maybe your memory is full? Excited about your news!

    Kim Koenig

  2. Great pics! Make me miss Florida!

  3. Aw he is pretty. Poor toad. I have a lot of days like this.

  4. I LOVE this post! You write very well and very philosophically, too. Nothing about the "Toad Prince" or anything :-) It is a blessing to be able to see the miracles in the little things in life. Few do.

    We're in the process of moving to Washington State, too. I pray you your family, and Ace, too have a safe move.


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