Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is Mother's Day and it's always a little difficult for me since I lost my mother after her 9 month battle with lung cancer almost 19 years ago. She was always trying new things and I have to credit her for encouraging all of my creative endeavours and passing on that curiousity to try something new. She was always buying me craft kits of various mediums like macrame, paint by numbers, plaster models, coloring books, you name it! She also taught me everything I know about knitting and crocheting and helped me develop a love of sewing which I eventually turned into a Fashion Design Degree when I got older.

I love this picture because her favorite color was red and she loved to work in her garden tending to her peonies and roses. This photo was taken in 1987 at Peace Arch Park in the "No Man's Land" area between Canada and the US border crossing from British Columbia into Washington State.

I encourage all of you that still have your mother around to give her an extra hug today (for me) or a phone call and tell her how much you love and appreciate her because you just don't know how long you'll have her here!

Here's to you Mom, I love you and miss you very much!


  1. I am touched by your blog entry as it is much like my story. My Mom died 32 years ago from breast cancer. Mothers Day has been difficult ever since. This past week I lost the woman who was like my second Mom. I arrive home last night form her funeral and feel like I relived the last 32 years all over again.
    Blessings to you and everyone else who have our scenerio this day.


  2. Deb, that was beautiful! Thanks for sharing that with us. She definitley was a great Mom and I just hope that I'm half as good a Mom as she was to us!
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day!
    Your sister,

  3. thanks for sharing about your mom. it's clear that she lives on through you :)

  4. Hi Deborah, I drop my tears reading your touching paragraphs ... I could see from the jewelry you make .. you are a soft and wonderfull daughter. Sure your mama will be proud of you. I am lucky that my loving parents is still with me.. and everyday we talk over phone and we meet almost every weekend. I promise you that I will give my mom an extra hug .. thanks Deb for sharing this with us ... Hope you've had a loving great mother's day!


  5. Thanks for sharing this lovely tribute to your beautiful mother! She sounds like she was a wonderful woman :)


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