Wednesday, July 29, 2009


the more trouble I have making up my mind! Just ask my husband. After much deliberation, here it is... my new mountain bike! It is the 2010 version of the one below. I can check this off on the ole wishlist!

I have to say that choosing just the right bike was quite the dilemma for me, but mostly because the aqua blue color I really wanted (shown below) was no longer available. So it's really not an age thing, it's an availability issue! When you have to alter course, that's where it gets tough and you have to weigh all your different options. This applies to everything, not just bikes, don't you think?

Here's my method of choosing a bike:

1. Color
2. Price
3. Color
4. Size
5. Color
6. Availability
7. Lastly COLOR!

Now given the time of summer and the fact that the Tour De France just ended, availabililty should probably be first on the list. Bicycles aren't something that you can buy over the internet and have delivered to your house. I'm so used to finding what I want/need online and just ordering it. I did find the color I wanted but it was in San Diego California, just a little too far down the road to say "Hang on, I'll be right over to pick it up".

And you guessed it, color is very important to me. Not so surprising for one who has a creative mind! This is what drove my husband crazy because he didn't understand how high it rated on the scale.

Well, in the end I didn't get the color I really wanted but I do love the silver and red. The colors are more classic and will be better in the long run. Now I need to buy a helmet and some clothes to match though. Good grief did I just say that? At least those can be delivered... and the world is my marketplace, Yea.


  1. My way of deciding what to buy is price, function, and fashion... in no particular order... they are all about equal really. It's funny though... if it doesn't look quite right, you gotta keep shopping! It's a girl thing I think.

    Kudos to you for getting out and riding though! I'm way to lazy for that. Of course, if I lived some place as gorgeous as you, I might ride more... and if the weather were a bit milder... 107 here yesterday, gah!

  2. Last year I picked my mountain bike by color too! I wanted a purple one but of course they didn't have that in the style I wanted so my choices were orange or silver and I picked silver. The only thing that I didn't care about the color was the seat. I just wanted it bigger than the teeny tiny butt killer that came with it!

  3. Hi Debora, I'm so happy for you, congrats on your new mountain bike. Use it and enjoy it!!!


  4. It's GREAT looking! And it would seem you'll have lots of fun on that thing. I need to get my bike out and dust it off but with the hundred degree weather I have no incentive. I'm ready for cooler weather! But congrats!!!

  5. Haha! You are SUCH a girl! :)

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm a little disappointed in my new camera options (I've been shopping) because they don't make the color I want. Forget all the other details, I want it to LOOK good.

    Have fun biking!


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