Monday, July 27, 2009


With all the seasonal blooms surrounding me with vibrant color this summer, I was beginning to think that my jewelry shop needed some splashes as well. I love sterling silver jewelry because it just GOES with everything you could possibly wear, but there's nothing like color to perk up your spirits! Sorry for the self promotion here today, but I wanted to share a few brand new pieces I've just added to my shop. My favorite color is blue so it's only fitting that this is where I start! The first photo above is a lariat necklace with Aqua blue (my favorite shade of blue) chalcedony briolettes called "Sea Breeze".

Dreamy Blues... AAA London Blue Topaz Earrings

And for those that love soft pastels...Hopeless Romantic Coin Pearls

Thanks for letting me share. I'm off to dig through my stash of gemstones for some more colorful additions to my jewelry shop. Next is a necklace to match the pearl earrings.

Have a great day and enjoy seeing all the summer colors because they only last for so long!


  1. These blues are beautiful! They bring some wonderful 'cool' on a hot summers day..

  2. Adore the chalcedony and the coin pearl pieces...
    nic x

  3. I'm lovin' the colors! Those Dreamy Blues earrings are gorgeous! They remind me of a tropical sea!

  4. Your jewelry is so gorgeous! I have a bunch of sea glass that I'm trying to turn into a piece of some sort but just can't make the wires work! The necklace up top has given me new found inspiration :o)

  5. I "oooooh" 'd out loud when I saw the first picture load. Beautiful!

  6. LOVE the topaz earrings, those are gorgeous!!


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