Wednesday, July 22, 2009


... by these innocent faces! Papa and Junior you have been caught!

We've just had alot of landscaping done in our yard, including tearing down a fence around our property to expose the natural green belt behind us and planted lots of new shrubs. I wish I could show you the before pictures because it was quite the transformation!

Now that we have no fence however, we have discovered that the deer that I so often admire with their seemingly sweet little faces are actually menaces in disguise. They really love the new dogwood trees that we planted along the perimeter of the garden and have taken to eating the leaves for snacks. I couldn't resist getting out my camera to catch them in the act before I shooed them away.

Here they are looking a little guilty now.

Great photo you guys. Okay you can go now and eat someone else's yard!


  1. Your backyard is lovely and the are beautiful but everything becomes their meal! In our neighborhood they put up a tall wire fencing around the shrubs to keep the deer out but yet it doesn't block the view of the vegetation.

  2. That's so cute - even if they are a menace! My 5-year old son spotted a wild deer from the car the other day and was so thrilled, so I will have to show him this pic!

  3. How beautiful Debora, lovely photography here. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully this message will go through. Fingers crossed. : )


  4. They may be a pain, but these images are so beautiful!!


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