Saturday, March 7, 2009


As the snow is gently falling outside and we are getting ready for Spring forward on our clocks tonight, something just doesn't seem right! It should feel like Spring! It's time to put our turtleneck and sweaters away and put on some short sleeves already.

In anticipation of warmer days ahead, I was inspired to incorporate leaves and flowery blooms into some new necklace designs. I noticed that I had three times as many earrings in my shop, Beadin By The Sea, as necklaces. I do sell more earrings online and a lot more necklaces in person. I'm still not sure why this is so, but I do know that I wear more necklaces in the spring and summer because I'm not so covered up.

Since I enjoy digital scrapbooking so much, I thought I'd share some new necklace designs I've been working on in a scrapbook page format. I'm still having fun fusing fine silver wire and since I have a fascination with leaves I've stamped them as well. All of these necklaces feature either a petal shape or some sort of leaf in my anticipation of warmer, greener and more flowery days ahead!

Enjoy the longer days, and Spring will be here before we know it!


  1. I'm intrigued by the digital scrapbooking thing. Might have to look into it!
    Your new designs are just gorgeous. It's a beautiful day today in the UK - blue skies, but still quite chilly. But I'm definitely getting that spring vibe :)

  2. Hi Debora,
    Like Magriet, I am intrigued by the mention of digital scrapbooking. What is it ? Can you give us a few clues ? Those pictures are lovely by the way - it's still really cold here in Switzerland, but I've noticed our hedge is starting to get green buds on which turn into leaves, so I am hopeful Spring is on its way too :)


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