Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is what everyone calls my first "Etsy-versary". It is a year ago today that I registered as a seller on Etsy, an online selling venue of everything handmade. I had no idea what I was starting or even if I would sell anything. I must admit I didn't really do my research and began selling on April 5th.

Afer a year of many changes in our family, like moving half way across the country and renovating our new home, I got more serious about my business in early Fall. Following a rather disappointing Christmas, my sales started to pick up the day AFTER Christmas and have been much more steady since. On February 23rd, I wrote about my 75th sale in my Etsy jewelry shop and made a goal to reach 100 sales by March 28th, my one year anniversary. I really thought it was a huge stretch, but after a flurry of sales this week I am soooo close at 99 sales!

I want to thank all my customers who've supported my shop and everyone who has encouraged me along the way, including my blog readers and dear Etsy and non-Etsy friends. Even if I don't reach 100 sales by the end of the day, I am very satisfied in knowing that I've sent my creations to many different parts of the world from Argentina to Paris and it's still exciting every time I have a sale or read glowing feedback from happy customers!

As an incentive, I'm offering one of my best sellers, one free pair of either my Small or Medium Organic Hoops made from Argentium Sterling Silver to the customer responsible, for my 100th sale! This offer ends midnight March 28th, 2009. If you're interested in my jewelry click here for the link to my shop Beadin' By The Sea.

UPDATE AT 8:50AM: I just got my 100th sale already! I thought I'd be biting my nails all day. My 100th customer will be receiving a pair of small hoop earrings. Thanks fellow Etsian, Lisa, from Lucid Moon Studios.!


  1. Happy Etsyversary and Congratulations on your 100th sale!

  2. For once I was on the ball! I usually sleep through all the good deals, lol. Thanks for the freebie, and congrats again on your Etsy-versary! I can't wait to see my earrings in person :)

  3. Happy Esyversary! Hope you have many more sales.

  4. That is wonderful! 99 sales in a year on Etsy is awesome.

  5. good morn...
    so glad I popped in ....
    beautiful blog... & love your Jewels
    congrats... on your 100th sale...

    mona & the gaffer girls

    ps you're so close we could reach out & touch ya


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