Thursday, March 26, 2009


Or maybe I should call this "hoppy feeling"!. Last week, Rozanne Paxman of Scrap Girls posted a challenge to take a picture of the first thing you see that makes you smile. I had just looked out this old dish I bought many years ago and filled it with Dove chocolate eggs, my very favorite"grocery store" chocolate. I couldn't believe how much better the EGGS taste than the SQUARES for some reason. These are now gone, but I'm going to have to stock up before Easter is over.

If you decide to take part, here is the link to her blog "Life Muses By Ro". Because she is the CEO of Scrap, I felt that I needed to use a few of my Adobe Photoshop Elements tools to spruce up my picture. Check out her site if you are at all interested in learning how to digital scrapbook!

What makes you hoppy, oh I mean HAPPY?


  1. Chocolate always makes me happy! But lately I've found that any sunbeams that break through the clouds make me happy! A sunny day at the beach makes me extremely happy!

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