Thursday, August 13, 2009


What does one do when sales are slow? August started out with a flurry of sales. After being featured in an Etsy Storque Article Top Ten Monogram Pendants (first time for me) the extra traffic pushed me up to my 200th sale. Whoo Hoo! Things this week have really slowed down and I'm taking the advice that I so often hear in the Etsy forums. I've turned my attention to retaking some photos that were mediocre and sprucing up my shop with a new mannequin.

I ordered this gal and she arrived last week. I really wanted a mannequin that was life size and flesh colored. I have decided to call her "Emma" because if I had had a girl that's what I would have named her. Anyway, when I was unpacking Emma from her box, my son was in the room and I jokingly told him he must not look as she was very naked. Yes, he complied! Hee, hee! Isn't she lovely dressed in my lilac and blue handknit sweaters?

In my research, I have noticed that there seems to be an ongoing debate as to whether customers like to see jewelry modeled. Many people are turned off by the "ick" factor of knowing that the jewelry they are considering buying has been worn and this seems especially true of earrings. But many like to be able to get the sense of scale that a model offers, since jewelry photos are so often magnified to show details. Personally, I enjoy looking at shops that use a model or mannequin especially when they show how the necklaces can be worn with different clothing. They are great because they can give us a sense of scale that cannot be achieved by lying the piece of jewelry on a flat surface.

I have to say that I've had an item or 2 returned because the customer didn't read the measurements in the description and realize how small it is. What do you think? Are you more likely to buy a necklace because you have seen how it looks on a "person"?

I really appreciate you taking the time to leave your comments below. I read each and every one!


  1. I noticed Emma modeling your necklaces eariler this week - especially the three ring necklace! I like to see something that gives me a reference as to the size and have been looking for something to display my jewelry too. Emma looks great and shows off your necklaces beautifully!

    Congrats on the Storque article! I don't know how I missed that but I'll go try to find it!

  2. Thanks Beaded Tail. I've included a link now to the article if you click on "Top Ten Mongram Pendants". She didn't actually pick mine to talk about but it's in the showcase below the article.

  3. I really like your photos of your jewelry on the old wood & the creative way you prop them. That is what grabs my initial attention... but I think I would like to see how it looks on a person before I purchase. Maybe you could just include Emma in a couple of your 5 photos of each item.

  4. I like having a model to understand the scale of the piece. I think Emma is a great purchase!

    I know 18" is standard, but apparently I have a chubby neck because 19-20" is more of the right length on me. But many people don't know without seeing it on a model.

  5. I agree with Stacey. It is your close up that makes me want to see more, and then I would like to see Emma's size reference photo along with the description and other pictures.

    Enjoy your blog, Debora. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for giving me a kick in the pants! I have a gal like Emma, but she's just a white one, and she has no name... I've been meaning to take a few pictures of some of my recent necklaces on her, but haven't gotten around to it.

    *makes self a note*

    And, about size and shopping online... I think when it comes to necklaces especially... it is helpful to see how things might wear... very good point.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. What a great question! And the answer is YES! I would absolutely be more inclined to buy if I saw how the necklace hangs. This was a brilliant marketing idea. I had to laugh, though. Before I read that it was a mannequin I kept thinking, "That woman has the most perfect skin and the tone is interesting. She looks almost too perfect!" Well, apparently I was right. Great clavicles though! lol

  8. Hi Debora, I love Emma...what a great idea and I love her in your sweaters..your jewelry looks so pretty around her neck. : )

    I've heard August is the busies vacation month of the year, which I think is why sales get slow. I had a slow start to the month in my Ruby Lane shop but then last week I had a blockbuster week of is just so hard to predict, who can ever say when things are busy or will get slow again.


  9. I love Emma and your creations are fabulous. I do not want to ever buy earrings that were worn by someone else and yet I treasure anything funky and old, hmm.

  10. I would absolutely not buy something without a size reference of some kind, a mannequin is definatly the best choice. As you have found with purchases being returned, it is better to do all you can to avoid that and size is part one of the major factors in a jewelry choice. The most important thing is how the customers feels about their purchase in the end, even if they don't return the item, they may be left with a dissatisfaction with what they receive vs. what they thought they would receive, costing you word of mouth sales. I really admire your designs by the way.


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