Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am now finally the owner of an "UN-broken hearts" Starbucks mug. Remember I wrote a post about the one that I broke? Here is the link to Part 1 to get you up to date. It took 17 days for it to get here even though it was shipped using Priority Mail which takes 3-5 days. Of course when you don't mail the package for 2 weeks it takes a little longer. Yes, I'm happy with my purchase but the whole transaction really reinforced in me how critical communication is to providing excellent customer service. I feel that this is particularly important in an online shop because you can't feel and touch the product and talk to the owner face to face.

Apparently the Ebay seller had to have surgery (that I believe was scheduled) and wasn't able to mail her packages out. A quick note to tell me there would be a delay would have alleviated any doubts, negative thoughts and impatience I felt. After finally writing an email after 2 weeks, I did get an apologetic phone call explaining the circumstances. As a customer, don't you just want to know there is someone there working or making progress to getting your product out the door?

Every sale that I receive, I send an email to my buyer to thank them for their order and let them know when I plan to ship. There are days when I'm busy and it feels like an extra burden I'm tempted to shrug off. After all, they do get an automated one from Etsy or ArtFire but a personalized messsage is something that I really value and want to pass on to my customers. It is what sets apart a small one woman operation from the big guys. I realize there are some shops that have many sales a day (much more than me) and this could get time consuming. It is my wish that I'm never too busy to show appreciation to my customers in this way because without them I would have no business!

So, with that I think I will go have another cup of tea in my new coffee mug (yes tea) and get ready for my day. I would also like to thank all of you who read my blog, visitors and customers, who leave your wonderful comments of encouragement and support!

Have a great day...Debora
Disclaimer: I am not and do not claim to be an expert in online selling. These are just my views and please don't take them as an attack if you do not agree or practice them, thanks...


  1. That's great that you finally got your mug and it's just like the other one! I so agree with you on the communication. I send an email too to acknowledge the sale and when it'll be mailed. I like to receive something when I buy something too just to let me know the item is on the way. Some of the big sellers just let the email from PayPal be the contact and that's fine, at least I know the time frame. When I hear nothing at all, I don't like that one bit.

    Hope you enjoyed your tea and thanks for your visits to my blog too! I appreciate your comments!

  2. I agree that communication is so very important when you buy and sell online. I also try my best to respond to new sales as soon as possible, and let them know when I'll be shipping their package. I think it's the least we can do to let our customers know we appreciate them, and are responding to their purchase.
    kudos friend. ♥

  3. Glad you finally got your mug! I can relate - I have a Disney half marathon coffee mug that I hand wash and use EVERY single morning! If it ever broke, I would be on Ebay in a second!

    I was just thinking about the topic you discussed earlier today. I have been dealing with a few companies lately trying to order brass stampings for use in my jewelry. I am amazed that I sent 3 emails in 2 weeks requesting prices and a catalog, but never got a response. Finally I called them (on Friday), and placed an order. They told me they would contact me first thing Monday to let me know if the items were in stock. Well, they never did, and I ended up calling them this afternoon. I just don't understand why people who run a business wouldn't want to sell stuff! I understand that people who have more sales than my little Etsy shop are busier, but they need to make their business a priority if they want to be successful. I will always try my hardest to communicate with my customers in a timely matter regardless of how busy I feel! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way :)


  4. I'm so happy for you that the new cup came in!! And hopefully you can shake off the negative attached to it and re-christen it with the fun memory you had the first time.

    Thank you for your sweet kindness to me today! It meant so much. :) I'll be happy to be there for you when it's your turn. Waaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  5. Cool cup!

    Customer service is key for return business from me :-)

    Hi! I just came across the list of CAC Team bloggers and I wanted to say hello to everyone on the list.

    Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. There will be one each week, at least thru Christmas.

    Have a blessed day!


  6. Ugh, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not good at sending those emails. :( Must. Get. Better.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Debora, so happy for you you finally got that mug you wanted.

    I couldn't agree more...when I sell items, I keep in touch with my customers, I thank them, tell them when an item is shipping etc. I also include a gift card with every purchase, which contains my business card and a hand written thank you for the purchase. I feel it makes a big difference as well. Like you said, it really seperates us from the bigger guys.

    When I order something and never hear from the seller, I'm a bit miffed....it doesn't take too long to send out an e-mail, even in the worst of times. I'm happy to wait for an item to be shipped, as long as I know what is going on. I think constant communication is so very important when you are selling on line. I couldn't agree more wiht what you have said here.



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