Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here in the Pacific Northwest we've been having a heatwave. Well, for us it's a heatwave. While this is standard fare for much of the United States, we in our little NW corner of our country are not used to (or prepared for) temperatures in the high 70's in early June. Our average high summer temperature in July and August, our hottest months, are a humorously low 67°F, yep you read that right!

We do not have air conditioned houses, outdoor pools, and many of us do not have basements (although we do) so many lack a sanctuary in which to "cool off". Thankfully, temperatures do lower at night and it never lasts for more than a few days. After being in Kansas for the last 2 summers, I'm not complaining though. At least I can open every window of my house for some cool ocean breezes (our version of AC) and feel somewhat of a respite.

I thought I'd share a few photos of "Signs of Summer" in a collage. From left to right starting at the top:
1. Shorts and sandals
2. Fans are our AC
3. Planted pots
4. Backyard squirrels
5. Ahh, pink lemonade
6. Short sleeves
7. Rockrose
8. Sunshine
9. Beaded jewelry of course!

Are you seeing signs of summer in your part of the world or are you in the dog days already? Our kids aren't even out of school until the middle of June!


  1. Lovely photos! We've been having a few really hot days which are of course very unusual for the UK. But I'm sure we'll see many more in the next few months. Enjoy the heatwave!

  2. You're weather sounds wonderful and the photos are great! It's already up to the mid 80s here but will be in the 70s this weekend which is more seasonal. We've also been getting afternoon thunderstorms but they are nothing like the Thunderstorms with a capital T that they have back in Kansas!

  3. Hi Debora,
    Love that collage, so cheery and arty at the same time. We have been having a heatwave as well here in Switzerland, but the forecast is for the weather to get much colder. Apparently it's due to a "Schafskälte" or Sheeps' Cold. Never heard of that before-you do live and learn. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Debora,

    My favorite time of the year...I love all the warmth and the nature growing up all around me.


  5. nice collage! and we don't get much extreme weather here, either, though we had a heat wave of sorts about a week or so ago....

  6. This collage is stunning! I love every single photo.

  7. Actually it really near the nature not a golf life but i love this kind of beauty love your college days.

  8. Your blog is so fun! Thanks for following me!



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