Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know I've been scarce lately. I can't really explain why except that we have a lot of projects going on around the house inside and out and ,well, the weather has been so nice! I've noticed a few of you have visited and I'm sorry there hasn't been anything new to read. We've been having some landscaping done in our yard, new carpet installed and while I'm not doing the work, of course I need to supervise!

Track season is also winding down so I'm looking forward to seeing more of my son, not driving everywhere for meets and and more importantly not standing out shivering in the rain for 3 hours anymore. We have the finals today and I'm elated to say that it is actually sunny!

The quilted pillow sham project for my son's bed is now finished, you remember the one that I told you about a few weeks ago where I had to rip out all my quilting stitches? Please tell me it looks like Pottery Barn because that was my inspiration. Now I'm feeling motivated to finish a sweater I started knitting last year. When I finish one project I always seem find another one that's incomplete! The disadvantages of being crafty I suppose!

Sales in my shop have been pretty steady this month, and while I won't be paying the mortgage with my profits anytime soon, I'm feeling good about the way it's going. I just added these necklaces to my shop which I've called "Alpha Pendants". The initial is stamped while the Metal clay is in the "wet stage", dried, filed and then fired. I dug through my old scrapbooking supplies for the rubber stamps that I'm using, how fun (and practical) is that? I sold my first pendant within a few days so that's always a plus! Here's a photo of the pendants I've made so far, with the first one being shipped today.

Sorry about my randomness, but that's a little how I'm feeling right now! How have you been in your part of the world? Are you getting out to enjoy the warmer weather, or finishing some projects as well?

PS: Don't you just love my new shoes. I resisted buying Mary Janes for so long but now I think I'm going to live in flats from now on!


  1. Yes, your shoes are very cute and perfect for summer! Love the way your son's shams turned out and I think they are way better than Pottery Barn! Love the new necklaces too!

  2. Hi Debora,
    It's fine to be random - those pendants are lovely, the sort of thing you could wear every day, with anything. Hope all the projects go well.

  3. That quilt is FABULOUS- totally PB style. Hopefully you did better on the price. Every time I see a project like this it renews my longing to learn how to sew. Maybe someday I will!

  4. Okay, I'm in LOVE with that quilt ^.^
    It's so gorgeous!!


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