Thursday, May 7, 2009


"As ye shall SEW, so shall ye RIP". Author Unknown

No, you read it right. It is not the well known biblical scripture "As ye SOW, so shall ye REAP". I'm talking about how if you expect to get any sewing done you will have to spend some time ripping out. Actually this can be applied to almost every project, whether it's knitting, sewing, needlework, making jewelry, there are times when you feel like you have to take 2 steps backwards to go forward one step.

A few days ago, I took out a sewing project that has been taunting me for the last year. I kept hearing the fabric crying out "Finish what you started, already!" So now, I am determined to finish some quilted pillow shams for my son's bed.

I know that his quilt has been finished now for over a year, a quilt that I pieced with fabrics we bought on a trip to Kauai, and had one of those professional quilters with those awesome long arm machines on ball bearings and a 10 foot long frame, quilt. Not to mention the fact, that my 12 year old probably does not even know or care what a pillow sham is! Oh, but she made lovely even stitches in a beautiful wave pattern and I am trying to recreate it on the pillow shams. Why oh why did I not have her also quilt the pillow shams? Well, because they were not made at the time and I didn't want to drive the 10 miles again to her house to deliver them for quilting. And now, she lives in Kansas and I am in Washington state.

Meanwhile, I am ripping out stitches because I'm not happy with the way they look. And, I don't have enough fabric to piece another piece, unless I go back to Kauai and get some more. (Mmm, I like that idea!) I am determined to finish this so I will promise you all a picture of the completed bed with matching pillow shams when complete. And I will finish, because I bought some more yarn to start a felted knitted bag and I WILL NOT start knitting until this project is done!

Do you have any unfinished projects calling out to you? Feel free to share in the comments below.


  1. Great fabric and I certainly agree that going back to Kauai to get more isn't such a bad idea! I don't have any creative projects waiting, just household ones like painting the garage walls and finding frames for photos and get them hung up. With my jewelry, I have to finish what I start or I am very uneasy and unsettled - call it perfectionist accountant syndrome!

  2. Hi Debora, first of all...your beautiful earrings appeared in my mailbox today....I love them!! Thank you!!

    I can relate to this post as I sometimes start a painting project and for some reason, perhaps I lose interest, I don't know....I just put it aside and forget it. Sometimes I do pick the painting back up and finish it, other times I never touch it again.

    Beautiful fabric though...I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result.



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