Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am so excited about the response I received to my second "Where in the World Giveaway Contest"! I received 199 comments in all which is an almost fourfold increase over my first contest. I also want to thank those that wrote lovely compliments about my jewelry.

Okay, first the answer. The photo was taken at Kilauea Lighthouse in Kauai, Hawaii. There were quite a few that guessed correctly. I guess the photo is not close-up enough to show the tropical vegetation because many of the entries guessed Ireland and Maine. If you'd like more information on this beautiful place here is the link to the website.

I thought it would be fitting to use this gorgeous hand turned bowl that I received as a gift from our friend Nathan to hold all 199 numbers . My son drew the winning number once again.

And now here is the lucky number:141

After much counting back and forth I've found the 141st entry: joannaonthelake

Congratulations Joanna! Not only will you find out where this picture was taken, but you'll be receiving this lovely necklace!

Again, I like to thank all of those who participated. I'm planning on having another giveaway to be drawn on May 10th, Mother's Day so keep checking back. In the meantime I can make more "Island Girl" necklaces if you'd like to purchase one. You may visit my shop Beadin' By The Sea by clicking here or the picture of the necklace to go directly to the listing.

Have a great Saturday everyone and Happy Easter too!


  1. I wasn't even close on my guess - Kauai is one of the Hawaiian Islands I haven't been on yet. Anyway, congratulations to the winner! She's getting a gorgeous necklace!

  2. Lucky!!

    It's a beautiful necklace.

  3. I am the winner from Debora's wonderful giveaway and today I received the beautiful necklace in the mail. All I can say is "wow", it is absolutely gorgeous, it is cute and flirty and enchanting all at the same time. Debora's craftsmanship in creating this necklace is meticulous and I am just thrilled with it! I also loved the way it came packaged to me, just like receiving a special gift, which is what it is! A nice gift box with colorful logo and a pretty blue bow! So sweet of you Debora! Thank you so much for making your giveaway such a fun experience!


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