Monday, April 28, 2008


After being here in Kansas City for a little over a year, our family has decided to move back to the West Coast. I am very excited to get back to our little town, our church and friends as well as my family in nearby Vancouver, Canada. We have enjoyed our time here being closer to my husband's family and seeing all that Kansas has to offer but we find the West Coast calling us back!

This is one of my favorite pictures (make sure you click on it to get a full view). It was taken at the Mt. Erie lookout point - the highest elevated point on Fidalgo Island. Are you wondering where on earth is Fidalgo Island ? It is an island connected by bridge west of the Skagit Valley in the upper Northwest corner of Washington state. The island contains the city of Anacortes and is known as the "Gateway to the San Juans". On a clear day, (here's proof they do happen in Washington!) this spectacular view allows you to see Mt. Baker, the nearby Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and the islands that make up the San Juans.

When I opened my Etsy store, beadinbythesea, we were in the midst of trying to get back to the West Coast but still being here in Kansas I went ahead with the name. Now there will be no more confusion, I really will be Beadin By the Sea!

To find out more about this beautiful place you can click here for the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce.


  1. I had a boyfriend in Anacortes many moons ago... I remember Sea-Tac airport. Haven't been there in many years. I do recall the beauty. Fortunately I don't recall the boyfriend!


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