Saturday, April 19, 2008


I must say that having a cat brings me many memorable photographic moments! This morning our cat Ace was lying in a most unusual position and I had to grab my camera. Lately I've been so busy trying to get my new Etsy business started that I haven't taken much time to notice things around me. Sometimes I wish I could be more like Ace and just savor a moment to relax. With Spring here, I'm going to take more time to look around and see the beauty around me. Hopefully you'll think about Ace and do the same.
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  1. Too cute :)

    I always try to take pictures of my cat, but he doesn't seem very photogenic! He's almost completely black, so the light never cooperates :(

  2. Soooooooo cute! I want to rub that furry tum tum!

  3. Aren't kitties just the best? What do you suppose they think about with a pose like that?

  4. Ace is adorable! They are here to make us smile and Ace certainly accomplished that!

  5. If there's one thing cats can teach us, it's to relax! Lately I've really looked forward to my cat sleeping in my lap and forcing me to relax. Wish I could get a pic of my kitties "relaxing" like Ace!


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